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BlinqIO Projects

A BlinqIO project houses all the test information related to a target application, such as features, scenarios, test runs, reports, and more. We recommend creating a separate project for each target application you wish to test.


Let's say your product has a customer-facing web application and a backend admin portal. We recommend you create three BlinqIO projects to manage test suites for these applications.

Create a New BlinqIO Project

Follow these steps to create new projects from the BlinqIO dashboard:

  1. Login to the BlinqIO dashboard. The dashboard page displays.

    BlinqIO Dashboard

  2. Click the project dropdown list at the top, and select Create New Project +. The Create New Project popup displays.

    Open the project dropdown

  3. Enter a new project name in the Project Name field and click Create. The new project is now created, and the dashboard view automatically switches to the newly created project.

    Enter new project name

Switch Between Projects

Click the project dropdown list at the top and select a different project to switch to that project.

Switch between projects

Next Step

Create a new Feature to start testing your application.